Thank you for the interest shown in making an effort to change, what is in our control.

 We can do it only if you become Mentor. This program is picking up at
 a very slow pace, as majority of individuals are just looking for their own
 individual benefits.

 Majority of Community workers and their family are directionless and
 need guidance.
 Many times they themselves do not know where they are going wrong and
 with their limited knowledge worsen their own life.

 We have formulated a process in which, the winner is the community
 worker Or his immediate family.

 Beneficiaries in this phase should be between 14-21 years. This is
 the age when there are more chances of the child/individual to dropout
 from school Or goes closer to become anti social element in the society.
After this age, it becomes even tough, to bring them back to the main stream.

 We would like to know more about you and details of individual/set of
 individuals whom you would Mentor

 Process :

 1.Please Apply here and create a future that goes beyond the

 2.Mention complete list of individual/s. Also mention if they can
 read/write Or their academic qualification/language they know.

 3. Educated ones need to do a small test of 15 minutes, for the
 illiterates, someone Close to the individual/mentor needs to ask the questions and fill
 the test/form.

 4. We identify the natural ability of the individual and shortlist a
 module, best suited for that particular individual.

 5. As an Mentor, you can pick up all concepts very quickly. At the
 backend we are there to support.

 Life is actually very simple for the ones who have completed their
 education. And Very tough for the ones who dropout from schooling. Let us together
 bring change in their life.

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