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Who We Are?

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Little About Us

One small step toward happiness brings the world together. In our own way we formulated a unique plan: to start a business that employs dropout and weak students The core concept was to segue school and workplace. Our model blends social responsibility and commitment. Our children move smoothly from classrooms to workplace after a brief training in which they are taught the rudiments of business. They are managing inventory, billing, deliveries, customer care, purchase and portion of every rupee generated goes into sustaining school for more children. When we bring a product to you, we are not just ‘doing business’, we are empowering dropouts financially and backing them to complete their schooling. Every time you buy from us, you are creating a future that goes beyond business. We have work for everyone, in every village and city of punjab,India. Age, Location and qualification do not matter.


Holistic Approach

We started our project in 2004 by imparting education to marginalised families. Over the period we have evolved

and understood that Vidya (education)is just one spoke to the wheel others are

Swasthya ( Health ), Bhojan (Food) & Khel ( Sports).

Major Challenges Nationwide

Practiced In Our Nation Till Now


Overflowing Hospitals
Over Doze Medication
Quacks in Villages / Slums


Pesticides Laden Produce
Negiligible Use Of Technology
Small Land Holding


High Dropout Rate
Illitrate Parents
Continuous Promotion


Negligible Competition
Very Limited Options
Unidentified Talent

Longitudinal Case Study

Impact Of Our Holistic Approach

We are Working on Holistic Approach

In four villages Gudda, Kasauli, Karondewala & Bagindi. These
were poorest villages in Punjab
and our target is to make them
one of the most prosperous ones.

Swasthya ( Health ) : Fewer footfalls to Hospitals.

Bhojan ( Food ) : Good produce to eat.

Vidya ( Education ) : Reducing Gap between unemployment & employable.

Khel ( Sports ): Children away from drugs.

Reducing Migration to Cities


Swasthya | Bhojan | Vidya | Khel


To provide basic essential to masses.


Holistic Approach in one identified region
Swasthya (Health)
Bhojan ( Food )
Vidya ( Education )
Khel (Sports)



Improve marginalised family income

Project Pind Chalo

Family / Groups can stay overnight in our village - just 10 kms from PGI.
Neat fully functional washrooms & hygienic food is available.


Villagers Construct washrooms
Improve marginalised family income
Exposure to both communities.
Shared memories will incite others.

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Nitin Datta

Nitin Datta is an International Lawyer and is based in London and having a vast corporate experience and advises on specific issues.

Dr. Pooja Chopra

Dr. Pooja is Ph.D. in management from University of Delhi, India, has a varied rich experience of 14 years in the field of environment, social development and brand management in private and government sectors. And also has a corporate experience in brand promotion, marketing research, business

Geeta Sachdeva

Since 2008, She is working in Our Swabhovik for Vidya as & full time Senior Coordinator & Teacher with her team Anjum, Archana, Gulshan, Ashu,Neetu, Saloni, Karamjit & Deepti.

Jyoti Paul

Enrolled in Swabhovik school in 2005. Now I am 17 years of age & have cleared my 10th Board Examination. I work on MS Office, Tally ERP9 & Coreldraw. I love assisting children and am passionate about my work.

Neeraj Mehta

Enterpreneur since 1987 seen interst in Philanthropy. In April, 2004 started teaching 3 children from weaker section of the society. Now the strength of school is of 305 regular students. Mission is to provide purposeful literacy and inculcate moral values, etiquette and focus to increase their standard of living. In march 2015, Started providing soft skills to these privileged children.

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